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Certification and dedication that can be proven

Our company is proud to be certified by renowned institutions such as RINA and Lloyd's Register. These certificates demonstrate our expertise in areas such as safety, quality and cyber security and show our commitment to the highest standards in management, products and services.



RINA ISO 9001 Certification

Since the beginning of 2024, our company has been certified in accordance with the international ISO 9001 standard. This audit covers regulatory standards for management systems, products and personnel and spans various business areas. The certification carried out by RINA gives our customers the certainty that our solutions effectively support them in making strategic decisions. Overall, this certification reflects our continuous efforts to improve ourselves and our services, minimise risks and ensure customer satisfaction. The certification emphasises our commitment to the highest standards in all aspects of our business operations and guarantees that our clients benefit from the highest level of audited services.


Employee certification DVS 2220

Our expertise and qualifications have been comprehensively tested and recognised by an independent institution. Our commitment in the area of GRP repairs is particularly noteworthy. This special expertise has been confirmed by the internationally recognised training course and certification. Our employee Björn has successfully passed the DVS 2220 examination (glass fibre plastic lamination and repair). This individual certification underlines our expertise and the high level of qualification of our specialists, who contribute significantly to the excellence of our company.

DVS 2220 test certificate

DVS 2220 course certificate


Lloyd´s Register Service Supplier

As a service provider carrying out testing, inspection and maintenance of safety systems and equipment on behalf of the owner/operator of vessels, the results of our work are of vital importance. We are pleased to announce that our expertise has been reviewed and approved by Lloyd's Register.

The approval by Lloyd's Register confirms that we as a service provider meet the strict requirements and quality standards of this renowned organisation. This underlines not only our professional expertise, but also our commitment to quality and reliability in all our services. Being recognised by Lloyd's Register is a sign that we meet the highest standards in the industry and ensures our customers that they can count on a trustworthy and qualified service.


RINA Service Supplier

We are proud to announce that we have been registered as a certified service supplier by RINA.

This certification covers the maintenance of inflatable lifeboats, marine evacuation systems and inflatable life jackets. It also covers the maintenance, thorough inspection, operational testing, overhaul and repair of free-fall lifeboats and the servicing of survival suits.

We are deeply proud and delighted to receive this certification, which is a commendation of our continued efforts and clearly emphasises the quality of our services. This recognition confirms our commitment to excellence and gives our customers the confidence that they can count on first-class, certified services