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A strong position in the cruise industry through important orders

Ribo Repair continues its winning streak in the cruise industry by successfully completing repeated major orders for the replacement of lifeboat inflatable fenders on prestigious cruise ships. These jobs, carried out during approximately two-week shipyard layovers, have consolidated our presence in several countries and on several ships. This repeated cooperation with renowned cruise companies illustrates the trust that our customers place in our quality of work, expertise and services.
Test drive after fixed hull repair

Ribo Repair continues its success story and emphasises its leading role in the maritime safety industry with repeated orders on well-known cruise ships. Our latest success includes the replacement of lifeboat inflatable fenders, a crucial aspect of safety at sea.

The cooperation with renowned cruise companies demonstrates the high level of trust in our quality of work and expertise. These contracts are a testament to our ability to fulfil the high safety standards in the luxury cruise industry.

The jobs were carried out during the approximately two-week laytime of the ships. Our team demonstrated precision and efficiency to successfully complete the work within the limited time frame.

These orders demonstrate not only our technical expertise, but also our ability to adapt to specific customer requirements and schedules. Our experts work diligently and time-consciously to ensure the highest standards.

Our ongoing collaboration with cruise companies is a clear signal of our ambitions in this industry. We look forward to further developing our partnerships and contributing to safety and efficiency in the maritime industry. Ribo Repair remains committed to providing innovative solutions in the maritime safety industry in the future.




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