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Successful maintenance mission in international waters in New York

Ribo Repair reports a successful maintenance operation in New York. We serviced 52 lifejackets and 26 survival suits, demonstrating our maritime safety expertise.

At Ribo Repair, we prioritise safety and precision in the maritime sector. We are proud to announce a significant achievement in our company history: Our first international maintenance mission in New York. This mission on a product tanker was a crucial step in our mission to improve maritime safety worldwide.

Our journey

Since our foundation, we have specialised in high-quality maintenance services. In New York, we serviced 52 lifejackets and 26 survival suits, a mission that underlines our ability to survive in challenging conditions.

The challenges

Despite an unforeseen two-day delay to the ship's arrival, our team demonstrated remarkable flexibility and professionalism. We carefully checked and repaired every single item to the highest safety standards.

Our team of experts

Our experts emphasise the importance of this maintenance work for safety at sea. "Meticulous maintenance of safety equipment is crucial to protect human lives and the environment," says a member of our safety team.

Our contribution to the industry

This mission emphasises our unwavering commitment to safety and our dedication to continually raising standards in the shipping industry.

This commitment demonstrates our dedication to meeting and exceeding international safety standards. In all our operations, we place great emphasis on environmental sustainability, an increasingly important aspect in our industry.

This successful deployment is a fundamental step for Ribo Repair in establishing our services on a global scale. We look forward to further expanding our presence in international waters and positioning ourselves as a leading service provider in the maritime security industry.





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